Dan Gindling

Dan Gindling: Fingerprints

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Artist: Dan Gindling

Artist: Dan Gindling
Title: Fingerprints

I started writing music a year after my wife died in 2008 (after a 21 year hiatus) using the process as therapy. My songs talk about love, life, death and living to the fullest. No regrets. Not all of my music is serious, though. Life is way too short to not have fun and laugh along the way. Music writing influences include Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Jason Mraz, Warren Zevon as well as a host of singer-songwriters from the 1970s. Take a listen...and sing along.

1.1 Never Knew What I Was Missing
1.2 Pulling Covers
1.3 Running Away from Love
1.4 Sweet
1.5 Veteran's Day
1.6 Gotta Live Your Life
1.7 I Still Remember You
1.8 When Love Comes a Knockin'
1.9 Fingerprints
1.10 The Same Gun Show
1.11 The Rapture

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