Dan Leblanc

Dan Leblanc: Music of Behind the Green Door

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dan Leblanc

Title: Music of Behind the Green Door
Label: CD Baby

In 1972 the adult film industry was changed forever. Previous to this date most adult films were shot in seedy motel rooms, mostly in black and white with 8mm cameras, and had little if no story....and then came Jim and Artie Mitchell. They had a story, and real sets and real 16 mm cameras that shot in color. All they needed was a star. And then there was Marilyn. After seeing her in Sean S. Cunningham and Wes Craven's 1971 film Together (1971), the Mitchell Brothers offered Marilyn Chambers a role in Green Door, giving her the option of taking a role in which she wasn't required to have sex. Originally, Chambers chose a non-sex role, but allowed the Brothers to talk her into taking the lead. Suddenly the adult film experience was in vogue and even the most prudish of men and women went to see the film to see what it was all about, and many left with new things to try at home....and the rest is history. Over the years the film has been edited and much of the original music removed. There was a 25th anniversary issue that contained re-recorded music tracks. Recently the original music masters were found and we have digitally re-mastered the music from the ORIGINAL movie version. Not much material survives from 1972 and this recording serves to re-live the days of the early 70's when things were much different than they are now. We hope you enjoy the music and hope it brings back some pleasant memories of a time when things were simpler, and people were just beginning to explore their sexuality in a new way.

1.1 Sisters
1.2 Classical Guitar / Anon
1.3 Lova's Theme
1.4 Bucks' Theme
1.5 Miner Violin
1.6 Sweet Cheeks
1.7 Bare Ass Naked / Asstray
1.8 Johnny Keys' Theme
1.9 Cum to Me Neil Murphy
1.10 Diddling
1.11 Trapeze / Quinns' Riff
1.12 Apre
1.13 Climax
1.14 Ben Davidsons' Theme
1.15 Trucking
1.16 Funk Me
1.17 Kidnapped
1.18 Tender Under Foot

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