Dan Miraldi

Dan Miraldi: Freewheelin Dan Miraldi-EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dan Miraldi

Title: Freewheelin Dan Miraldi-EP
Label: CD Baby

'The Freewheelin' Dan Miraldi EP' is a special collection showcasing Dan Miraldi's more acoustic side. It features four previously unreleased alternate versions of songs first heard on 'Thirsty' and the 'Tease EP' alongside two brand new tunes, 'The Folk Singer Is Dead' and 'Ex-Girlfriend'. Even though this is an acoustic record, the music is still packed with energy thanks to the backing of Dan's band, the Albino Winos. Get ready for big harmonies and catchy choruses. All in all, 'The Freewheelin' Dan Miraldi' is a feel-good record, perfect for a summer drive!

1.1 Out of Eden
1.2 The Folk Singer Is Dead
1.3 Ex-Girlfriend
1.4 The Holy Roller Stone Revival (Acoustic)
1.5 Thirsty
1.6 More ; More

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