Dan Pound: Cocoon

Dan Pound: Cocoon
Title: Cocoon
Label: CD Baby

Tribal Organic, Ambient Electronic, Shamanic new age, space music soundscapes.........that's Cocoon. Lush landscapes and warbling rich atmospheres are suspended above a terrestrial environment, containing a complex creature with a dual life process that is both hardy and steadfast, and yet fragile and delicate. Dan on 'Cocoon' "The music depicts a sequence of events and transmutations of the life stages of a cocoon and chrysalis into a butterfly. For my projects, I like to use an event of nature as a metaphor for man's own human nature and processes, and the psychology of his or her possible evolution into a more pure, complex, complete, balanced and even whole being. The difference lies in the fact that in nature, it all happens as it should, whereas man must compel himself to make those processes occur in order to change. This is another story and musical sojourn of one of natures' phenomenal creations and it's transformation into a completely new being, as it's released, free from it's old mutated shell. The music definitely tells the story from beginning to end with all it's processes." Pristine sound quality, permeating textures of lush synths, Primal/Tribal/Shamanic and electronica based rhythms, and analog synth programming, as well as a collection of Shamanic winds and vocals all make up the sound of 'Cocoon'. The moods of this music will envelope you, and you'll feel as if you're watching an amazing and beautiful sequence of events unfold before your eyes. You can't help but be lulled into it's warm self sustaining womb-like structures that are the COCOON, and feel the weightlessness of the protected enclosure of the CHRYSALIS as you TRANS MUTATE and EMERGE through to the feeling of freedom and RELEASE.

1.1 Cocoon
1.2 Starting to Change
1.3 Life Stages
1.4 Chrysalis
1.5 Transmutate
1.6 Emerge
1.7 Release

Dan Pound: Cocoon

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