Dan Thornton

Dan Thornton: Storm Cloud

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dan Thornton

Title: Storm Cloud
Label: CD Baby

Storm Cloud (Music for the Mind) Our story begins with a prelude called "Evil Wind" a response to the events of 9/11. The second song is about our Middle Eastern wars and is called "Time to Pray". The song graphically describes the horrors of war and our protagonist compares it to abortion; however, it is not a traditional protest song. The third song is called "Muddy Water" and is loosely based on the events of Hurricane Katrina and is the last song to deal with events in the Bush era presidency. The remainder of the CD speaks directly to the events of the Obama presidency. "Ysidro" is the first song set in 2009 and declares "It is hard to buy a Chevrolet with the government making the cars." Song five is called "Doubt". In reference to President Obama, and states, "You give me reason to doubt your intentions and what you're all about." "City of the Lords" follows with blues rock styling and predicts possible outcomes of his presidency. The mood is lightened with a song titled "Blame a Democrat" that laughingly tells the truth about liberals. Only slightly more serious, is a blues tune called "Dirty Hands" which states plainly, "you can't trust a politician if he has dirty hands" and then names a few. Refusing to give up hope, "Stand Up" tells people to stand up and be counted. In truth it is a call to save our country, but freedom appears to be losing the battle in "Storm Cloud". Sadly, in "Adios Obamanos" it is recognized that American freedom was lost and our expatriate now resides in Mexico. Still troubled our hero sings "Michelle's Lullaby" where it is revealed that he is tormented by the vampires in Washington D.C. The CD concludes with an epilog called "American Dream" where the sad future of our country is visualized.

1.1 Evil Wind
1.2 Time to Pray
1.3 Muddy Water
1.4 Ysidro
1.5 Doubt
1.6 City of the Lords
1.7 Blame a Democrat
1.8 Dirty Hands
1.9 Stand Up
1.10 Storm Cloud
1.11 Adios Obamanos
1.12 Michelle's Lullaby
1.13 American Dream

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