Dan Tucker Band

Dan Tucker Band: Hope of the Dead

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dan Tucker Band

Title: Hope of the Dead
Label: CD Baby

'After spending years on the road honing his craft with top-notch players, lead singer and songwriter Daniel Irwin Tucker hauled the latest incarnation of The Dan Tucker Band into the studio. They released their debut album, Hope of the Dead, in September 1996 to loyal and rabid fans that had clung for years to demos of the band, waiting for this debut album. Their second album was Soul Graffiti, released in November 1999. Dan's versatile voice -- that can belt out high-power Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin rockers -- can just as easily melt into a mellow Beatles or Zeppelin tune. The guitarist, Brian Buschart, shoots blistering leads and riffs that enhances the pulsating and often meandering backdrop of the rhythm section with the discipline of a classical player. None of the players are here to simply pay homage to early to mid-70's heavy rock, but strive to keep the best of that world alive and well -- in the knowledge that it was recorded in the mid-90's -- without giving in to the temptation of fusing old school with new school. The message also reflects this somewhat purist attitude by steering clear of the party-hardy attitude that often defines the genre. And instead of simply condemning the often negative aspects of the external world -- like many bands do -- it offers that true, lasting change must start within a person; and that if there isn't world peace, we must at least have peace in our own little worlds. As the saying goes, ' Don't curse the darkness, light a candle.' We believe this album isn't just a candle, it's a bonfire!' -- Editorial Review 'The Dan Tucker Band were a Canadian classic rock/heavy rock band founded in the late-70's by lead singer/songwriter Daniel Irwin Tucker. Their musical styles ranged from classic rock to British-style 70's metal. Yet their music transcended any one musical genre. They made two albums: HOPE OF THE DEAD (1996), SOUL GRAFFITI (1999). There were line-up changes starting in the mid-90's due to chronic health issues suffered by Daniel. It all came to a thundering crescendo in 2000. They were on just the first leg of a North American tour to promote the newly released Soul Graffiti album when Daniel was forced into early retirement due to declining health. Since then, he has continued to write songs. He also plans to make a follow-up CD.' -- Editorial Reveiw.

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