Class M Planets: Deerpath

Dandelion Wine: Deerpath
Title: Deerpath
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Class M Planets bravely explores a vast and imaginative new direction in acoustic music with the new album, Deerpath. Deerpath presents 16 original recordings that celebrate the songwriting vision of Portland, Oregon's Adam Goldman. Flying high above the murk of noise that obscures today's musical landscape, Goldman's Deerpath seduces the listener with delicious ideas that one can entirely believe in. The songs of Deerpath live in a timeless world. They are laid out like tarot cards, articulating a mesmerizing freedom like a deer path crookedly pointing to the wild unknown. Impervious to trends and hype, Deerpath brings honesty and imagination to it's pop narrative in full force and breathes with blunt sincerity. At the heart of Deerpath's production, are Adam's simple and honest songs. He performs as a solo artist and detests the label, "singer-songwriter", preferring to imagine himself as the conductor of a thousand piece orchestra comprised entirely of poltergeists and guardian angels. Adam is also the singer of Oregon's thebrotheregg and is also a cosmonaut for the art-damaged, shoe-gaze band, Twinklelingus (Both available on CD Baby). He practices alchemy in his home studio and Deerpath is his latest masterpiece.

1.1 Kind of
1.2 True Compass
1.3 Timepiece
1.4 Driftwood
1.5 Aquarius
1.6 Riverbound
1.7 Interstate
1.8 Gravity
1.9 Umbrella
1.10 Broken English
1.11 New Romantic
1.12 Mean
1.13 Elemental
1.14 Simple Shapes
1.15 Plenty of Miles Ahead
1.16 Deerpath

Class M Planets: Deerpath

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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