Dangerous D: Method 2 My Madness

Dangerous D: Method 2 My Madness
Title: Method 2 My Madness
Label: CD Baby

Since 1995, Dangerous D has been a consummate player in the rap game releasing his debut album "Method 2 My Madness". The first single from the album entitled "BOOM" resonated throughout the radio station airwaves, trunks, and stereos across the Midwest region of the United States. Faced with substantial regional radio support without a distribution contract, Dangerous D organized a promotional street team backed by a solid sales and marketing strategy. For the remainder of 1995, D and his team began pounding the region at the grass roots level invading events, festivals, tournaments, and prep football and basketball games selling several thousand copies right out of the trunk of his car. Through hard work and persistence, D has overcome many obstacles along the path to the many regional successes that have helped him establish a solid fan base in the Midwest, he has also been applying those same proven techniques to create a buzz in the South. The ultimate mission is to unleash this highly skilled, Microphone Master to a National audience and beyond. There is no doubt that when Dangerous D, one of the Midwest's best keep secrets, is exposed to the National stage, the sky will be the limit for this multitalented wordsmith.

1.1 The Dawn of MacKula
1.2 B.O.O.M
1.3 Let Da Funk Flow
1.4 Come Togetha
1.5 Swingin' from My Nutz
1.6 I.B. Creepin'
1.7 Bounce
1.8 I'm Gonna Bust Ya Wit the Bottle
1.9 Casual Fuckin' (Mack Mix)
1.10 D-Parture

Dangerous D: Method 2 My Madness

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