Daniel Lippert: City in the Clouds

Daniel Lippert: City in the Clouds
Title: City in the Clouds
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

"City in the Clouds" is a gorgeous musical journey through a lush, peaceful, and magical world as envisioned by artist Daniel Lippert. What began as a solo effort to recreate the music he loved as a child, "City in the Clouds" expanded in scope to really bring this world to life with full orchestration by professional performers and an amazing series of illustrations by Romina Denti and Timojím Ilufi Jara.

1.1 Sea Mist
1.2 Afternoon at the Shore
1.3 Calm Summer Breeze
1.4 Flight Into the Night Sky
1.5 City in the Clouds
1.6 Playground Meadows
1.7 Fire Under Water
1.8 Ultramarine Passage
1.9 Chambers of Stone
1.10 Secrets of the Forest
1.11 The Cave of Eternal Winter
1.12 Gazing at the Stars

Daniel Lippert: City in the Clouds

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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