Daniel Marion Hobbs

Daniel Marion Hobbs: Real Country Music Dot Period

$13.10 $15.98

Artist: Daniel Marion Hobbs
Title: Real Country Music Dot Period

.'I just love real country music and hope to never see it die. It relates to real life and touches your heart. My new CD 'Real Country Music Dot Period' is real life. I think it helps to sing about it. I enjoyed the recording, in beautiful Jasper, Tennessee. Mike Headrick with Mikron Recording is one of the best. So pull off your boots, relax, and listen to my CD. ' God bless, Daniel Marion Hobbs.

1.1 Real Country Music Dot Period
1.2 Only a Dream
1.3 Quitters Never Win
1.4 Next Time
1.5 One Heart Beat Away
1.6 Beautiful Day
1.7 My Soul Belongs to You
1.8 Drunk Man Named Bill
1.9 Dogs Bark at Midnight
1.10 Winter Time Again
1.11 Born for the Saddle

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