Daniel Maya

Daniel Maya: Flamenco Bridge

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Artist: Daniel Maya

Artist: Daniel Maya
Title: Flamenco Bridge

Daniel Maya has devoted his musical career to the study and performance of Latin guitar styles, from Flamenco, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian to Salsa and Latin Rock. His songs and compositions combine these influences into an original style that features romantic, lyrical melodies and sensuous rhythmic grooves. While studying Flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain, he lived with a family of Flamenco musicians, where he absorbed the traditions that he has incorporated into his own contemporary style. With his group 'Tocar,' he has performed throughout the San Francisco Bay area, and at many of the leading wineries in Napa and Sonoma. They recently appeared at the SF Jazz Festival, and have also performed at the San Jose Jazz Festival, and SF Performances.

1.1 Mano a Mano
1.2 Triana
1.3 Amanecer en Las Jardines
1.4 El Ultimo Beso (The Last Kiss)
1.5 Barrio Santa Cruz
1.6 Alamillo Bridge
1.7 Modo Gitano
1.8 Anna
1.9 Couscous
1.10 Torre Del Oro
1.11 La Giralda
1.12 Arroz Es Arroz Es Arroz

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