Daniel Shoskes

Daniel Shoskes: Patrons of the Lute

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Artist: Daniel Shoskes

Artist: Daniel Shoskes
Title: Patrons of the Lute

1.1 Plainte in B-Flat Major
1.2 Suite in B-Flat Major: I. Allemande
1.3 Suite in B-Flat Major: II. Courante
1.4 Suite in B-Flat Major: III. Rondeau
1.5 Suite in B-Flat Major: IV. Menuets 1 and 2
1.6 Suite in B-Flat Major: V. Gigue
1.7 My Love Hath Vowed
1.8 Your Faire Looks
1.9 Faine Would I Wed
1.10 Suite in A minor: I. Allemande
1.11 Suite in A minor: II. Courante
1.12 Suite in A minor: III. Menuet
1.13 Suite in A minor: IV. La Tournée
1.14 Suite in A minor: V. Gigue
1.15 Menuette de la Croix in D minor
1.16 Bourée in D minor
1.17 Sarabande and Double in A minor
1.18 Menuette and Double in F Major
1.19 Chaconnes in D minor and F Major
1.20 Gigue Qui Imite Kuku in F Major
1.21 Duet I. Allemande in A minor
1.22 Duet II. Courante in A minor
1.23 Duet III. Sarabande in F Major
1.24 Duet IV. Gavotte in F Major
1.25 Passacaglia

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