Daniel Thatcher

Daniel Thatcher: Waterwheel

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Daniel Thatcher

Title: Waterwheel
Label: Shifting Paradigm

With his debut recording as a bandleader, Daniel Thatcher not only assembles an ensemble brimming with exceptional musicianship, but also puts forth his distinct voice as a fresh and thoughtful composer. This release, due out on Shifting Paradigm Records in April 2021, features Daniel's band Waterwheel, a quartet consisting of guitarists John Kregor and Matt Gold, and drummer Devin Drobka. Together they weave a musical tapestry which exemplifies qualities that define Daniel and his bandmates both musically and personally: supportive, creative, self-less, and open.

1.1 Odds Are Even
1.2 Three Sages
1.3 Albedo
1.4 Viscous
1.5 Let's Grow Old Together
1.6 Big Ben
1.7 Im Alpental
1.8 Lady of the Lake
1.9 Naturally
1.10 The Feast Is Forward

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