Daniel Thieme

Daniel Thieme: Morphosis

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Daniel Thieme

Title: Morphosis
Label: CD Baby

It took more than five years to record this extraordinary concept album. The idea was to combine a wide spectrum of musical styles and melt them together in one album. Influences of Arabian, African, R'n'B, Ambient, Jazz, Funk, Minimal and Classical music can be heard. Many of the transitions between the songs contain experimental effects. Furthermore unusual solo instruments (arabian ney flute, sas, fretless & upright bass, marimba, fluegelhorn, moog synthesizer ) are used. This album is like a story or a journey of sound.

1.1 Genesis: Wadi Rum Desert: Night
1.2 Morphosis 1: Mother Earth
1.3 Liquid:Whale:Surface
1.4 Morphosis 2: Random Patterns of Wooden Raindrops: Dawn
1.5 Bumblebee's Dream at 1/4 Speed
1.6 Morphosis 3: Acceleration
1.7 MMM : Womb
1.8 Schemes of Light
1.9 S.O.L. Reprise: Tranquility
1.10 12 Sonic Pictures : Conclusion

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