Danielle Dove

Danielle Dove: Meditating with Angels

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Artist: Danielle Dove

Artist: Danielle Dove
Title: Meditating with Angels

Professionally produced with sounds engineered by Pete Hawk, this 1 hour CD is a private energy healing session for your 7 major chakras. Through flowing water sounds and Danielle Dove's soothing voice, you will be guided through unique meditations to clear old emotional blockages off of your chakras. Chakras are the catalysts to your success in all areas of your life as they act as magnets to attract into your sphere of existence that which you wish to experience. Once cleared of old energies and re-activated, you will have access to a greater amount of power located in all 7 of your major chakras. From your root chakra traveling up to the spinal cord to the crown chakra on top of your head, any lower energies of fear or anger not in alignment with your current goals and visions will be vacuumed up and out of your space. To keep the experience safe for all who listen, a sacred invocation is included.

1.1 Beginning Relaxation
1.2 Root Chakra Clearing for Abundance
1.3 Sacral Chakra Clearing for Creativity
1.4 Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing for Courage, Empowerment and Growth
1.5 Heart Chakra Clearing for Giving ; Receiving Love
1.6 Throat Chakra Clearing for Clear Communication
1.7 Third Eye Clearing for Visualization ; Opening of the Psychic Eye
1.8 Crown Chakra Clearing for Spiritual Connection ; Communication with Higher Realms

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