Danna Banana: I Am Not Silly

Danna Banana: I Am Not Silly
Title: I Am Not Silly
Label: CD Baby

Danna Banana, multiple john lennon songwriting award-winner, New York Magazine Best Entertainer and Time Out NY perennial favorite, is back with I am NOT silly, a brand new album (his fifth) that's part live, part studio, and profoundly awesome. His unique original songs don't talk down to children, they involve them, and in tunes like Scary Monster Train and the title track (as well as pretty much everywhere else), you'll hear real live kids laughing and shouting and dancing, to say nothing of roaring like monsters and being quiet as mouses. Mr. Banana has blended beautifully recorded live performances with wonderful, energetic pop tunes like At The Library his brilliant cover of Yellow Submarine, and mixed in story songs like Mousies and Means Means Means. ABC Fantasy, his unique take on the Alphabet song, involves kids in singing the alphabet forward and backwards, and 'Twinkle Twinkle' too, which, he of course points out, shares a me-lo-dy with A-B-C. Warm Spot is a sweet lullaby kids and parents love. And Stop and Go and Teeny Houdini are hi-energy crowd favorites. Interactive and entertaining for kids, with great, fun activity songs for parents as well as early childhood, pre-k, and k-2 educators, I am NOT Silly is destined to become a classroom classic as well as a cartime favorite. Beware! Silly is contagious! Not responsible for uncontrollable laughter or unlimited repeats of favorite tracks.

1.1 Intro
1.2 John Banana Milkshake (Live)
1.3 Bla Bla Broccoli
1.4 I Am Not Silly
1.5 ABC Fantasy
1.6 Will U Please Stand Up?
1.7 The Goofball (Live)
1.8 Scary Monster Train
1.9 At the Library
1.10 Yellow Submarine
1.11 Means Means Means
1.12 Warm Spot
1.13 Mousies
1.14 You Are My Sunshine
1.15 Stop ; Go (Live)
1.16 Teeny Houdini (Live)

Danna Banana: I Am Not Silly

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