Danny Haynes

Danny Haynes: Built for Comfort

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Artist: Danny Haynes

Artist: Danny Haynes
Title: Built for Comfort

This album is real music played by real musicians from Dallas to Alice! After being a working musician on the road for 25 years based in Dallas, Texas, Dan and his family moved to Alice Springs in Central Australia. Dan didn't anticipate having many opportunities to play music in the outback, so he looked forward to relaxing a bit and taking some time to enjoy the natural beauty that would surround him. Once he arrived in Australia, he quickly discovered this would not be the case! He found the musicians in Alice Springs to be very accomplished and keen to play the kind of music he wrote and loved to perform. This resulted in an instant kinship bonded by the universal language and love of music. This album is the culmination of years of playing together in the pubs of heartland Australia. I hope you enjoy this CD as much as we enjoyed making it! Cheers, Dan.

1.1 Ain't the Time
1.2 Built for Comfort
1.3 When the Light Goes Out
1.4 Good Understanding
1.5 Livin' in the Country
1.6 600 Miles
1.7 What Does It Take
1.8 Never Make a Move Too Soon
1.9 Blues Just Got More Blue
1.10 Alice Is Always

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