Danny Lanzetta

Danny Lanzetta: Declaration of Us

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Artist: Danny Lanzetta

Artist: Danny Lanzetta
Title: Declaration of Us

An album that combines the poetic haberdashery of Jack Kerouac with the rock and roll joie de vivre of Pearl Jam. Throw in a dash of Tom Waits shonga bonga and you have an inkling of the Molotov cocktail that is the Danny Lanzetta/Chris Cubeta lovechild Declaration of Us. Novelist Lanzetta (Gadfly) narrates this high-energy, six track EP that alternates effortlessly between the incisive complaints of it's opening track, "William Faulkner," to the wistful, piano-nostalgia of the final track, "Ten Years."

1.1 William Faulkner
1.2 You and Me
1.3 Declaration of Us
1.4 Zornoza
1.5 Dangerwalk
1.6 Ten Years

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