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Danny Mack (the Cement City Cowboy): Galaxy Cabaret

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Title: Galaxy Cabaret
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Danny Mack Galaxy Cabaret Dakotamack Inc - DMCD 0103 Produced by: Danny Mack and Perry Barrett (15 Selections - Playing Time 49:44) Don't be misled by the album's title, or it's sub-title 'Where Roy Rogers Meets Buck Rogers'; or the two-page liner note introduction to this album telling the story of how 'the Sirians from a far-off galaxy visited our planet'; or even the fact that Danny Mack has billed himself in the past as 'The Mysterious Cosmic Cowboy'....this is nothing but pure, honky tonk country music. The kind that Buck and Merle and Wynn gave us from their Bakersfield days. Danny Mack is a West Coast veteran of the Canadian country music scene....true he has often ventured down different musical trails, but he remains a 'stylist', and Galaxy Cabaret marks a return to his honky tonk musical roots. All songs here, save for a cover of the Utah Phillips country/folk classic I Remember Loving You are original Danny Mack tunes, and he has created some real winners, touching on all aspects of the honky tonk world....boozin', hurtin', cheatin' and partyin', are all part of the menu. The album opens with the title track Galaxy Cabaret, and it immediately dispels the thought of some kind of 'honky tonk meets Star Wars' project. This is gutsy, steel guitar driven honky tonk music, made even more effective by Danny Mack's smoky throated vocal stylings. You can tell the boy's been in more than a couple of smoky taverns. Next up is a swing-flavoured Dance With Me and it's followed by the whiskey hurtin' song Hotel. All are truly standout efforts. The album continues to toss up some great tunes in the two-steppin' Ol' Beat Up Truck a lonesome ballad in The Loving Game and some Wynn Stewart 'Bakersfield' sounds in Bitter Half. There's plenty of diversity here - Holy Karumba injects a Jimmy Durante-style snort; If You Only Knew has a touch of the Willie Nelson / Ray Price cabaret country magic, and You Beat Me To The Door is a tune reprised from Danny Mack's own 1980's Alberta Crude album which also gave us nuggets like I Wonder If Waylon Jennings Did This, and Good Ol' George Jones, as well as his nationally charted, Debbie Delight. The album closes with Canadian Cowboy, a patriotic ode to the Cancountry way of life; and it comes complete with a Danny Mack yodel that would make Wilf Carter proud. Galaxy Cabaret was co-produced by Danny Mack and Perry Barrett and recorded at Dark Horse Studios in Vancouver. Like any honky tonk album worth it's weight there's got to be a lot of scorching steel guitar work, and Jim Dorin does the honours here with some really tasty work featured on every selection on the album. Good stuff!!! By Larry Delaney (editor) Country Music News (Canada's country music monthly) 'GALAXY CABARET' Where Roy Rogers Meets Buck Rogers This is how it happened................. From deep within the Sirius Star System, the scanners searching the galaxy for signs of intelligent life began to pick up an unusual disturbance. At first, high pitched wailing sounds were identified and thought to be some sort of phonic communication. Soon afterwards, intriguing monotone images of moving creatures began to arrive. These were interpreted to be images of the creatures that created the phonic messages because they both originated from a small blue planet, in a solar system in a distant part of the Milky Way. Eventually, the Sirians were able to decipher the star messages, and came to be captivated with what they perceived to be daily life on the blue planet, Earth. Little did they suspect that they had actually intercepted the first primitive but powerful black & white television pictures transmitted from Earth, fifty years earlier? Basing their assumptions on the information they had, episodes of The Roy Roger's Show, the Sirians decided that this was an invitation to visit. Earthlings appeared to be happy, well adjusted, simple living, singing cowboys who created the wonderful steel guitar driven music they heard in the phonic messages. For the Sirians, starved of any semblance of emotional life, the music became a sort of tonic. Life on Sirius had become so complicated and stressful that art, music and even personal interaction had all but been forgotten. It was decided to send an expedition to Earth to try to find Roy Rogers The Singing Cowboy, in hope that a probe of his memories and emotional makeup could be used as a catalyst for change in creating a happier Syrian society. The exploratory team locked their rocket ship's guidance system onto the frequency of a steel guitar lick, set the auto navigation system and strapped into their life support pods. The crew awoke over Hollywood California, alarmed to find that their systems were overloaded by the electronic soup surrounding this part of the Earth. This did not look like the world of Roy Rogers. They had no way of knowing that fifty Earth years had passed. Unable to navigate and feeling discouraged about not finding their target, they headed north, looking for a safe place to land and re-group. Somewhere in their cruising low over the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a lone vehicle was spotted negotiating the dark night. To the surprise of all onboard, the scanners picked up the words 'DANNY MACK - THE CEMENT CITY COWBOY' from the side of the truck. What could this mean? It was not THE SINGING COWBOY but none the less, some sort of cowboy. This could be an opportunity to save the mission from complete failure and so the decision was made. A luminous white light beam lulled the Earthling into a dream state so that his thoughts and memories could be harmlessly examined. The Earthling, Danny Mack's brain led the explorers on an incredible journey. They followed the Earthling as he entered an imaginary place called the GALAXY CABARET. The place was filled with vivid images of colourful people, of stories and events, loves and loves lost, of happy fun times and sad times, of lives lived to the full, all expressed through the most unimaginably beautiful music. The exploratory team was overwhelmed with jubilation and the awareness that they were observing and feeling true emotional connections for the first time. The mission had succeeded beyond all expectation so, armed with the honky-tonk wisdom of DANNY MACK, THE CEMENT CITY COWBOY and a hold filled with cowboy hats and boots, they headed for home with high hopes of transforming their society. This time the steel guitar rang out through the universe loud and clear to announce their coming - they had proven their theory that indeed Earth is inhabited by a race of incredible SINGING COWBOYS..............

1.1 Galaxy Cabaret
1.2 Dance with Me
1.3 Hotel
1.4 I Remember Loving You
1.5 Bitter Half
1.6 Old Amsterdam
1.7 Galaxy Interlude
1.8 Ol' Beat Up Truck
1.9 The Loving Game
1.10 Holy Karumba
1.11 You Beat Me to the Door
1.12 If You Only Knew
1.13 Rock This Place
1.14 Canadian Cowboy
1.15 Galaxy Interlude 2

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