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Darby Darl: Ghosts & Angels

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Artist: Darby Darl

Artist: Darby Darl
Title: Ghosts & Angels

* Darby Darl's new CD Ghosts & Angels released February 22, 2005. Sales rocket into Top 100 independent releases at Amazon.com. * Ghosts & Angels begins international distribution, selling in Belgium, Japan, Spain. * CD receiving airplay stateside on Texas and Ohio radio, and in Europe on Belgium radio. * 'Where has this guy been? ... if there's any justice he's going straight to the top.' -- Amazon.com review, March 2005. * Performed at the renowned Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, Texas. Darby Darl's musical journey began (of all places) on an Ohio pig farm. As a boy, he bought his first flat-top guitar with money he earned raising four runt piglets given up for dead. Through the static of his bedroom transistor radio, Darby taught himself to play many popular songs of the late 60's and early 70's. These hits became a major influence in his musical development and still echo in the sounds of his latest CD 'Ghosts & Angels.' Along the way, Darby paid some dues. After relocating to Texas as a teenager, he formed his share of rock-n-roll road bands and even joined pretty-boy band RAM. Touring brought him in touch with some prominent acts in the business, including Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cheap Trick, Kiss, Todd Rungren, Van Halen and Mitch Ryder. He later named one of his bands 'The Wolfkings' because John Phillips of the Mamas & Papas suggested it. Through it all, Darby took notes on the personal and professional dramas that would someday be expressed in his own songs. Darby knew when it was time to create 'Ghosts & Angels.' An emotional divorce, the loss of his mother, and other personal issues inspired a therapeutic binge of songwriting. The catharsis that came from recording these songs was so draining that he put off the album's release for several years. Eventually, last February, he was ready to share his soul with those willing to lend an ear. His honesty, vulnerability and sincerity make this more than just an album ... it's a melodic peek into one man's secret diary.

1.1 At the Mention of Your Name
1.2 Pulling Angels Off the Wall
1.3 You Better Find Somebody to Love You
1.4 Keep on Trying
1.5 The Bed You Made
1.6 Nobody But Myself to Blame
1.7 Welcome to the Big Picture
1.8 Mama Tell Me One More Time
1.9 Down That Line
1.10 Ghost Train

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