Darian Stavans

Darian Stavans: Memories

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Darian Stavans

Title: Memories
Label: CD Baby

_______________ 'Memories...' - by Darian Stavans _______________ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Memories / Recuerdos travels through sounds and textures, layers and dimensions, as well as acoustic and electro-acoustic transparencies. This musical journey makes us recollect as it takes us to places we have been to or visited, and magical imaginary scenarios we have felt or experienced. In musical terms it merges electro-acoustic sounds with traditional acoustic design making it a modern artistic product that maintains classical music tradition as it perceptively melts into the new trends of the moment. _______________ ABOUT THE ARTIST Evocative is a word that has been used to describe, or better said, react to the music of Darian Stavans. Evocative? One would imagine that such a music would bring to the mind and heart shared memories, but one does not necessarily share memories with an artist; one shares feelings, reflections, dreams. These are the things one finds in the music of Darian Stavans- a passage of sorts to that special place we all have deep in our souls. The apparent simplicity of works such as Interiors, Passion, and Poetic is powerfully touching and intensely beautiful. Captivating melodies hold our attention as their notes drop ever deeper into the soul of the listener, retrieving echoes of the human experience we all share. Our lives may be different, but our feelings are not. Stavans' music glides us soothingly into currents of profoundly romantic reverie, pools of sunlit serenity, and occasionally into the depths of fleeting melancholy. Stavans, the composer, imbues his music with texture: a guitar lends it's sometimes earthy, sometimes airy quality to Els Segons Temps; whereas a lighter, more translucent harp is used to render Lullabies. In making his music come alive, Stavans has also become a producer (he produced all the works featured here) and a conductor. He conducted and recorded the St. Angelis Symphony Orchestra for his works Noir et Blanc and Prayer. Nonetheless, Darian Stavans is first and foremost a gifted composer and pianist. His music speaks his soul and in so doing, speaks to our own. Perhaps listening to his works we might become acquainted with the artist, but it would be more accurate to say, we become reacquainted with ourselves.

1.1 Timing
1.2 Memories
1.3 Marvel
1.4 Gentle
1.5 Shogun
1.6 Harmonies
1.7 Dream
1.8 Silent
1.9 Desert
1.10 Fantasy

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