Darien Brahms

Darien Brahms: Green Valentine

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Artist: Darien Brahms

Artist: Darien Brahms
Title: Green Valentine

A six time winner of the 'best vocalist and best performer' award in her hometown of Portland,Maine, Darien Brahms' distinctive style combined with her high energy live performances have landed her opening slots for the likes of the Violent Femmes, The butchies, Daniel Lanois, Ben Harper and Townes VanZandt. She released her first full length solo CD 'Hello, Hello to the People' in 1992 and her second, 'Little Bundle of Sugar'(which featured the guitar of Marc Ribot), was released in 2000. In between she fronted two rock bands and was one of the principle songwriters and front woman for the hugely successful Latin-lounge quartet, The Munjoy Hill Society, who released their own CD in 2000 to critical acclaim. She has also contributed two tracks to the 'Greetings from Area Code 207' benefit CD series, a track to the national compilation, 'Calling All Kings and Queens'(on Mr.Lady records). In May of 2003 she released her third solo CD, 'Green Valentine.' In her spare time she fronts the honky tonk band, The Calico Chaps.

1.1 St. Joan
1.2 Up! Periscope
1.3 To Go Home
1.4 Take You on
1.5 Wearing You Out
1.6 Soiree
1.7 So Low
1.8 Green Valentine
1.9 Everyone
1.10 No Place Like You
1.11 Wicked

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