Dario: Noise Within

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dario

Artist: Dario
Title: Noise Within

As a half-Iranian, half Italian musician who has lived all over the globe, Dario Amini has a lot of feelings about world events and personal experiences. A Noise Within, his debut rock/pop CD, weaves together universal themes - such as identity, love, and loss - with his world views on violance, war, religion, etc. Though not overtly political, there is an underlying message to almost all of the songs. Dario's musical influences are such notables as U2, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters and The Cure. Contributing to the CD are Enzo Todesco on drums, and Eric Williams and Pete Villarreal on additional guitars on two songs.

1.1 Oceans Apart
1.2 Love
1.3 Running Soul
1.4 A Noise Within
1.5 Save Us
1.6 Chameleon
1.7 Plug It in
1.8 Slow Motion
1.9 Lost
1.10 Just 4 Today
1.11 No More Alone
1.12 On Your Own
1.13 Sunday Sunshine

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