Dark Meat

Dark Meat: Truce Opium

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Artist: Dark Meat

Artist: Dark Meat
Title: Truce Opium

Athens Georgia's multifarious psychedelic roadwarriors Dark Meat have geared up for another get-go of pillage-and-freakout in the name of their newest offering, TRUCE OPIUM. a long period of lineup changes, label complications and heavy touring across North America and Europe has focused the band into a diamond-hard and transformative experience: they've trimmed their lineup to a highly-effective and barely-anemic 9-piece, and, in the process, have organically developed an intense and diverse instrumental chemistry. Truly, TRUCE OPIUM retains all the insane eccentricity, rawness and sonic bo.

1.1 The Faint Smell of Moss
1.2 Future Galaxies
1.3 Flaps
1.4 No One Was There
1.5 When the Shelter Came
1.6 Last of the Frontiersmen
1.7 Yonderin'
1.8 Song of the New Year

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