Dark Model

Dark Model: Saga

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Artist: Dark Model

Artist: Dark Model
Title: Saga

2017 release. Dark Model is back with more progressive, melodious, and dramatic orchestral electronica. Saga, Dark Model's second album, takes the audience on an epic high-energy journey through 13 tracks of massive electronic beats with intricately layered symphonic sound. It jumpstarts an awakening to the listener's soul and will continue to resonate for years to come.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Avalon
1.3 Rage and Redemption
1.4 Survivors
1.5 Inferno Suite
1.6 Labyrinth
1.7 Storm Goddess
1.8 Danse Macabre
1.9 Elegy 1
1.10 Dawn of Resurrection
1.11 Rage and Redemption (No Choir Mix)
1.12 Inferno Suite (No Choir Mix)
1.13 Danse Macabre (No Choir Mix)

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