Dark Philosophy

Dark Philosophy: Silent Winter

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Artist: Dark Philosophy

Artist: Dark Philosophy
Title: Silent Winter

Hailing from Hanover, New Hampshire, Dark Philosophy's debut album Silent Winter has a straight forward and soothing sound that is as heart felt as it can get. The band consists of singer/guitarist Phil Celia, cellist Lindsay MacIndoe, drummer Bob Sparadeo, and bassist Aaron Thomas. Beyond just playing music, they wanted to convey through their songs the isolation that comes in times of searching and sorrow. They did this and more, creating a nine song collection of emotionally honest lyrics and haunting melodies, that not only touch on the darkness, but also might have the ability to lift you from it. Dark Philosophy's debut album Silent Winter comes from a very organic place. The album itself was recorded live on a Sunday afternoon in a converted barn on a 1200 acre farm last November. Songs like 'I Can't Find You', 'Everything' and the title track 'Silent Winter' are examples of this rootsy and pure sound that came to be the band. The band's sound is unique in it's ability to portray an honesty not often seen in pop music today. Dark Philosophy is currently planning a tour in support of the CD release, and to take what they do to the stage, the place it originated.

1.1 Everything
1.2 Lonely Everyday
1.3 Where Do I Go
1.4 Silent Winter
1.5 Bullet for My Head
1.6 I Can't Find You
1.7 Help Me
1.8 When You Go
1.9 Long Way Home

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