Darragh Morgan

Darragh Morgan: Thirty Nine Pages

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Artist: Darragh Morgan

Artist: Darragh Morgan
Title: Thirty Nine Pages

Paul Whitty works with both amplified and electronic music with ensemble and with acoustic instruments. Recently he has been engaged in a series of interventions in pre-existing scores - undertaking an almost archaeological examination of the materials found there. Thirty-nine pages filters and re-organizes each page of the Henle Edition of Cesar Franck's Sonata for Violin and Piano in a Major. Fragments of the Franck can be heard emerging - a single note, a chord, a phrase - from the often stark and simple textures of the surrounding material. This recording is superbly performed by artists who have built fine reputations in the world of new music.

1.1 Page Five
1.2 Page Fourteen
1.3 Page Thirty-Four
1.4 Page Seven
1.5 Page Eighteen
1.6 Page Forty-Three
1.7 Page Twenty-Three
1.8 Page Thirty-Three
1.9 Page Twenty-Six
1.10 Page Forty-Two
1.11 Page Twenty-One
1.12 Page Thirty-Five
1.13 Page Nine
1.14 Page Twenty-Two
1.15 Page Thirty-Nine
1.16 Page Seventeen
1.17 Page Forty-One
1.18 Page Nineteen
1.19 Page Twenty-Eight
1.20 Page Twenty-Nine and Page Forty
1.21 Page Twelve
1.22 Page Thirty
1.23 Page Eight
1.24 Page Twenty
1.25 Page Thirty-One
1.26 Page Page Six
1.27 Page Sixteen
1.28 Page Thirty-Eight
1.29 Page Fifteen
1.30 Page Thirty-Six
1.31 Page Eleven
1.32 Page Twenty-Seven
1.33 Page Thirty-Seven
1.34 Page Thirteen and Page Twenty-Five
1.35 Page Thirty-Two
1.36 Page Ten
1.37 Page Twenty-Four
1.38 Page Five to Page Forty-Three

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