Darryl Alexander

Darryl Alexander: 17th Street

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Artist: Darryl Alexander
Title: 17th Street

17th Street was the debut CD by jazz artist Darryl Alexander Sr., in 1995, and is being made available to CD Baby customers at a special rate while supplies last. 17th Street has a distinct urban feel, yet retains it smooth jazz style. 17th Street features the saxophone work Mark Early, who has been compared to Gerald Albright, and film arranger/composer pianist Gary Boggess, whom Darryl developed a very close friendship. For those who have Darryl's most recent releases (Diamond In The Sky, Tea For Two), this CD will provide an interesting perspective as to where Darryl started from, and where he is at now, and perhaps some hidden clues as to where he is going as he is finishing up work on his upcoming new release.

1.1 17th Street
1.2 Memories of Love
1.3 Freedom
1.4 Love Never Fails
1.5 Illusion of the Heart
1.6 Shattered Dreams
1.7 Maybe Tomorrow
1.8 Phoenix
1.9 It Will Be Alright
1.10 No Greater Love

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