Darryl Rhoades

Darryl Rhoades: Weapons of Mass Deception

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Artist: Darryl Rhoades

Artist: Darryl Rhoades
Title: Weapons of Mass Deception

A prolific artist with a long and varied history that includes TV, movies, songs covered by major label artist, movie scores and musicals. His live appearances have garnered rave reviews in national publications such as Rolling Stone, Playboy and Village Voice. He has appeared on stage with other musical legends such as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Waits, Martin Mull, The Drifters, Buck Owens and many more. His musical roots are all over the map just like the live standup shows that he does touring on the average of 45 weeks a years. One of the hardest working performers today, Rhoades doesn't seem to be slowing down his touring or recording. "Weapons Of Mass Deception" demonstrates his seemingly limitless energy and focus on breaking the boundaries that other artist seem to set for themselves The musicianship on all of Rhoades' recordings have always been at a high standard and this new recording is no different with players that perform with Sheryl Crow, The Ga. Satellites and talents that have performed in movies such as "Slingblade". Weapons of Mass Deception is an outstanding recording by an outstanding artist. For additional info, you should google his name and check out the official website and myspace sites which have some videos.

1.1 Addiction to Friction
1.2 I'm in a Bad Mood
1.3 Sins of the Father
1.4 Let My People Go
1.5 Edge of the World
1.6 Alcoholocaust
1.7 Birds on a Wire
1.8 Someone Must Have Hurt You
1.9 Betrayed
1.10 Eye for An Eye: Leaves Everyone Blind
1.11 Music Brought Em' Together, But the Business Tore Em' Apart
1.12 August 29, 2005
1.13 Lost in America
1.14 Living Without
1.15 Grave Mistake

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