Dauwd: Saleh

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Artist: Dauwd

Artist: Dauwd
Title: Saleh
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

London-based producer Dauwd presents his latest push into romantic psychedelia and deep electronic dance music. Enjoy two new cuts that will turn heads in the most gentle manner, displaying all the loving care for sonic detail and melodic bravura that already transformed this artist's former efforts into celebrated standouts. This new material sits comfortably between techno, house and UK bass styles, albeit with a seemingly growing flair for the straighter blends within the groove spectrum. This allows for an intensified focus on the various wondrous landmarks found in Dauwd's soundscapes, a highly imaginative and masterfully crafted exploration of undulating synth textures, soaring melodies and gripping percussion.

1.1 Saleh
1.2 Moiety

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