Dave Calhoun

Dave Calhoun: Momentary Mutiny

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Artist: Dave Calhoun

Artist: Dave Calhoun
Title: Momentary Mutiny

A lifetime boater and wannabe beach bum Dave's music will remind you that you'll feel much better in shorts! The genre is Tropical Rock (Trop Rock) and this CD will take you away to white sand beaches, cruising slowly down the shoreline in a boat and relaxing in the cockpit after a long day. Steel drums, guitar, tropical drinks, sunshine and music that will remind you of Jimmy Buffett.

1.1 Typically Tropical
1.2 Manana Mode
1.3 All You Need Is a Boat
1.4 Musical Sunshine
1.5 Night Vision
1.6 Three Fingers of Rum and a Cuban Cigar
1.7 Key's Breeze
1.8 Momentary Mutiny
1.9 Plans Written in Sand
1.10 What a Nice Night for An Evening

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