Dave Celentano

Dave Celentano: Wicked Music Box

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Artist: Dave Celentano

Artist: Dave Celentano
Title: Wicked Music Box

Dave Celentano is one of the industries hottest and most sought-after guitar instructors and has been teaching for over 20 years. A graduate from M.I., Dave is proficient in many styles of music including rock, blues, heavy metal, jazz and classical, and specializes in multi-finger tapping, sweep picking, music theory, and reading music. Having published over 30 books, videos, DVDs for Hal Leonard, Centerstream Publications, Star Licks, and Cherry Lane, Dave has a prolific creative output unseen by most of todays published guitarists. Dave's displayed his expertise and educational chops during seminars at M.I. and a multitude of music stores across the south-west United States. His specialization in several styles and transcribing skills have helped thousands of students who have attended private lessons with Dave. Many students remain with Dave for several years. Check out Dave on youtube.com by searching 'Dave Celentano' Dave has reached hundreds of thousands of guitarists through his published works, teaching aids, and performances, and inspired many to pursue their own successful careers in the music business. His former band 'Sir Real' released an album/CD 'Joharis Window' in Japan.

1.1 Bulldozer
1.2 W.M.D. (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
1.3 Predator Rain
1.4 Swamp Thang
1.5 Rat Fink
1.6 Mechanical Toys
1.7 The Hunted
1.8 The Omen
1.9 Wicked Music Box

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