Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards: One Place to Turn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dave Edwards

Title: One Place to Turn
Label: CD Baby

'One Place to Turn' is a testimony to Dave's love for music and his gift as an artist. The project is an eclectic blend of music combining the spiritual, jazz, rock, folk and blues heritage. Featuring some of Colorado's premier musical talent, combined with the songwriting of Dave Edwards, 'One Place to Turn' beckons to be heard by music lovers with a passion for substance, variety and depth. The cast of musicians on the album includes Ed Edwards-guitar and vocals, Jim Fletcher-bass, Randy Rigby-keyboards, Ricardo Peña -B3 organ, Christian Teele-drums/percussion, and Dave Thrush on saxophone. Creative melodies, catchy rhythms, well crafted lyrics and colorful musical interludes weave the fabric that make Dave's music both refreshing and invigorating.

1.1 Girl of My Love
1.2 Change Is My Friend
1.3 Help Me in My Mistake
1.4 Winter Sky
1.5 Mountains
1.6 If You Get to Heaven
1.7 Take Another Look
1.8 Nobody But You
1.9 One Place to Turn
1.10 Reach for the Sky
1.11 Turn the Next Page
1.12 Everything That You Do

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