Dave Farmer

Dave Farmer: From the Heart

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Artist: Dave Farmer

Artist: Dave Farmer
Title: From the Heart

Several years ago, I was introduced to the Native American Style Flute. I instantly fell in love with the mellow sound that seemed to touch my soul and spirit. It has become a passion for me to introduce this instrument to as many people as I can and hopefully bring joy and peace to others such as I have experienced. I hope others may be as blessed by this music as I was while making it. All songs on this album were created through spontaneous worship. I would close my eyes and begin playing letting the spirit lead. The making of this album was an incredible journey.

1.1 Sunshine Awakening
1.2 Walking in the Garden
1.3 Reflections of Life
1.4 Song of the Lord
1.5 Winter Solitude
1.6 Sweet Dreams
1.7 Canyon Echoes

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