Dave Halverson

Dave Halverson: March Forth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dave Halverson

Title: March Forth
Label: CD Baby

March Forth was conceived as a tribute to my dad, who was born on March 4th. The music ranges from quiet solo acoustic guitar pieces to louder art rock with electronic elements, audio manipulations and explorations, and reworkings of a couple of very old songs. The old songs might seem out of place, but are in fact, well chosen. Fur Elise is a song my dad often played on the piano when I was a child. In studying the piece prior to recording it, I discovered that it is also a fine piece of music played in reverse, which was explored in the second half of the track. I remember hearing When Johnny Comes Marching Home (the best-known song of the Civil War era) often when we visited Civil War battlefields near and far while living in Virginia in the 1970s. We eventually visited almost all of them. An aim of this project was to emphasize the guitar, without creating a guitar-focused recording. To this end, many different textures were used to support the guitar, and the guitar was sometimes used in unconventional ways. Another aim was to experiment with the audio, which was done at every turn.

1.1 Bright Gray
1.2 Notes to Generate Hope
1.3 Sunday
1.4 March Forth
1.5 Wave
1.6 ... to the Ocean
1.7 Catacombs
1.8 For the Stars
1.9 Spherical, As Always
1.10 Minus One
1.11 Prayer
1.12 Fur Elise
1.13 Picture of a Picture
1.14 Roots of This Tree
1.15 Minus Two
1.16 When Johnny Comes Marching Home

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