Dave Hearn: Songwriter

Dave Hearn: Songwriter
Title: Songwriter
Label: CD Baby

Songwriter is the result of the years of writing I have done since my days with Columbia recording artists the Hawks back in the early 1980s. While the Hawks were a strictly Brit-Pop/Rock band, my career since has been mainly in instrumental music. I never stopped writing songs, though, and the best of those are on this new recording, done up with full arrangements and vocals as if it were a band recording. Although Songwriter sounds like it was recorded by a group, actually I played and sang every note on it. I must thank the good people at MOTU for their incredible digital audio workstation, Digital Performer® and to Apple® for their great computers that allowed me to complete this project by myself. Thanks also go to Native Instruments, Applied Acoustics, Vir2, Rob Papen, LinPlug, MOTU and all the other great software companies that created virtual instruments that ended up on Songwriter. People that liked the Hawks or Cheap Trick will particularly appreciate Heaven Knows, Crave, Don't Hide Your Love and All of My Life. Your Love is written and recorded in a style reminiscent of Frank Sinatra circa 1960, although, of course I sound nothing like him. The World Already Knows, similarly, is written in the gospel style of Ray Charles. The Clown is the oldest song in the set. It was written for a musical that was never finished in 1972. I personally love this one, even if it is blatantly sentimental. The Old Iowa Waltz, with a big lyric assist from Iowa songwriter/performer Shadric Smith, was written for the Iowa Sesquicentennial in 1994. It has been performed by such varied artists as the Karl King Municipal Band and a small-town Iowa barbershop chorus. Byron's is a music bar in Pomeroy, Iowa. It is a magical place where the finest blues, Americana and rock artists play - often on Sunday late afternoon! I wrote this song for Byron Stuart, the owner and musical director of the bar. Goin' Down to Texas is just a fun little tune. I wanted to see if I could write a tune that could have been done by the Beach Boys and ZZ Top at the same time! I think it works.... I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it!

1.1 Heaven Knows
1.2 Your Love
1.3 Crave
1.4 The World Already Knows
1.5 Don't Hide Your Love
1.6 It Won't Be Christmas
1.7 Goin' Down to Texas
1.8 All of My Life
1.9 Byron's
1.10 The Clown
1.11 The Old Iowa Waltz

Dave Hearn: Songwriter

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