Dave Kain: Raising Kain

Dave Kain: Raising Kain
Title: Raising Kain
Label: CD Baby

I had been wanting to do a trio record for quite some time but didn't really feel I had anything worthwhile to do a project. I started booking some more gigs and writing some new tunes as a trio to test the waters and see if I could put something interesting together. As time went by, I felt I had gotten some good material written and my playing was really improving as a result. It was very important to me to pick the right rhythm section. In a trio setting, it was especially important to me. I have been playing with Thomson Kneeland and Joe Abba in all kinds of musical situations for a number of years and there wasn't any doubt in my mind that they had to be a part of the recording. As a bandleader, I couldn't ask for a better rhythm section. Their input was invaluable and I can't thank them enough for their incredible musicianship, enthusiasm and positivity during this whole process.     Matt Garrison is a great saxophonist and composer who I've played with for many years as well. We've done three recordings together with my group. When I told him I was going to record another CD. He signed on to produce. I've never worked with a producer before and having someone who knows me so well musically, looking and listening from the outside greatly helped to make this recording. He bought things out of me musically and compositionally that I didn't even know I was capable of.  With all of this in place, I felt it was the right time to document it and this recording is the result. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it!

1.1 Eleven
1.2 Miley Cyrus Is the Devil
1.3 On the Scene
1.4 Lie and Deny
1.5 On My Way Home
1.6 Hall Pass
1.7 Logic
1.8 Paco
1.9 Chloe
1.10 Opportunity
1.11 Some Other Time

Dave Kain: Raising Kain

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