Dave Kilbank

Dave Kilbank: Travelers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dave Kilbank

Title: Travelers
Label: CD Baby

Dave Kilbank and Paul Bezooyen are singer / songwriters, each with a long, rich history of songwriting, performing, and producing. Their emotive and unique works have been used by film makers and television producers. In concert they connect with their audience with clever and thought provoking lyrics and evocative musical arrangements. Dave and Paul have very different musical influences and styles, so at first, this partnership would seem to be an unlikely success however, it is because of these diverse influences that this collaboration has been so productive. A perfect example of the saying 'The whole is greater than the sum of the parts'. Their debut CD 'Travelers' is tough to catagorize. The primary feel is set by the 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars and the rich vocal harmonies. From this foundation the duo flavors their songs with a diverse range of instruments, rhythms and styles. 3 instrumentals provide a nice intermission from the lyrical content. The result is an album with wonderful and interesting musical surprises. A massage for the music lovers soul.

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