Dave Lippman

Dave Lippman: Singing Cia Agent George Shrub Live in Manhattan K

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Artist: Dave Lippman

Artist: Dave Lippman
Title: Singing Cia Agent George Shrub Live in Manhattan K

Singing CIA Agent George Shrub has been traveling throughout his globalized domain, sharing his Point of View (the Right One) so that people won't need their own. He employs anti-folk songs and interventionary anthems to explain (and enforce) that the business of America is none of your business, that unions are never civil, and that the proper place for himself, like Wal-Mart, is everywhere. Dave Lippman has been trying to keep up with his shadow, Shrub, touring closely behind him. He continues to afflict the complacent, occasionally rhyming in the process. Dave has been known to take the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distort history, and rewrite the classics with parody and thrust. Mr. Lippman is the founder of the International Federation of Investigative Songwriters, which no one has joined. He remains one of America's foremost non-corporate comedians. 'Viciously funny' Guardian (England) 'An albino James Baldwin' Utah Phillips 'The Dean felt that more harm than good would come from your visit.' Student, Skidmore College, New York 'That's too controversial.' Saginaw News reporter.

1.1 Introduction to Shrub
1.2 Color-Coded Alerts
1.3 Home on the Exchange
1.4 Recycled Enemies
1.5 The Evil of Access
1.6 Iraq Opportunity Theme Song
1.7 They Hate Our Freedom
1.8 Supervising Our World
1.9 Nafta in Stereo
1.10 Sweatshops
1.11 Women and Other Minorities
1.12 Is Our Children Learning?
1.13 Sport Futility Vehicle Tango
1.14 Introduction to Lippman
1.15 The Twleve Days of Bushmas
1.16 Ayatollah Ashcroft
1.17 I Wonder Who's Kissinger Now
1.18 Megs and All
1.19 Talking Cabinet Blues
1.20 Put'enron the Ritz

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