Dave Loggins

Dave Loggins: Apprentice / Country Suite / One Way Ticket to

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dave Loggins

Artist: Dave Loggins
Title: Apprentice / Country Suite / One Way Ticket to

Digitally remastered two CD set containing a trio of albums from the American singer/songwriter: Apprentice (In a Musical Workshop) (1974), Country Suite (1976) and One Way Ticket to Paradise (1977). BGO.

1.1 Someday
1.2 My Lover's Keeper
1.3 Second Hand Lady
1.4 Let Me Go Now
1.5 So You Couldn't Get to Me
1.6 Please Come to Boston
1.7 Girl from Knoxville
1.8 Sunset Woman
1.9 My Father's Fiddle
1.10 Wonder'n As the Days Go By
1.11 Movin' to the Country
1.12 I'm Gonna Farm You Off My Mind
1.13 Wild Millie the Mountain Girl
1.14 The Weatherman
1.15 Lovin' Somebody on a Rainy Night
1.16 You've Got Me to Hold on to
2.1 Come on Over to My Place
2.2 Goodbye Miss Sadness
2.3 Believin' in Love (Ain't That Easy)
2.4 I Ain't Goin Nowhere
2.5 Saviour of My Natural Life
2.6 Please Remember Me
2.7 Goodbye Eyes
2.8 Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger
2.9 Ship in a Bottle
2.10 One Way Ticket to Paradise
2.11 Breeze
2.12 The Ballard of Cowboy Twenty
2.13 Crowd of Lonely People
2.14 Color of the Mood

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