Dave Luxton: Fuzzy Music

Dave Luxton: Fuzzy Music
Title: Fuzzy Music
Label: CD Baby

Dave Luxton provides great music for mind travelers. Fuzzy Music (50'34') contains 12 small tracks about one big subject - The Cosmos. Often thought of as a vast unfeeling infinity The Universe as portrayed by Luxton becomes a salvational force. Fuzzy Music offers fresh testament in a genre continually thought to be ten years ahead of it's time. Exploring the strange magic at the heart of the listening experience Luxton crafts subtle nuance then summons stratospheric power. Choosing dark soundscapes loaded with intriguing textures he moves the mood to a purer plane - with passages so soft so as not to ruffle the vulnerable listener. Overtly electronic Fuzzy Music's synthesized chords move wondrously outward. We hear it's foundational drones supporting twinkling effects and vaporous melodies. Along with pushing the keyboard based sounds through space Luxton also plays electric guitar - his fluid leads ringing through the backbone of night. The atmosphere lightens and darkens as the listening experience extends into dramatic sonic imagery and tender elegiac laments. A moving tribute to those of us in tune with forces bigger than ourselves, Luxton's music is a celebration of the wonder of existence. - Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END 5 September 2013.

1.1 Let It Fall
1.2 Cascadia
1.3 Far Away Thoughts
1.4 Today We Were
1.5 Cradle of Stars
1.6 Beneath the Surface
1.7 Pendulum
1.8 Sheppard Moons
1.9 Skies of Green
1.10 When Waiting Becomes All That You Do
1.11 Beacon
1.12 39

Dave Luxton: Fuzzy Music

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