Dave Ramont

Dave Ramont: Taw

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Artist: Dave Ramont

Artist: Dave Ramont
Title: Taw

Dave's rag-tag band of players add some wonderfully spirited parts to his precisely tattered arrangements- inebriated guitars, violas, accordions, Dobros, pianos, trombones, banjos, mandolins, snare drums, etc. It's a bone yard party!

1.1 It Ain't Funny
1.2 Big Glass Jar
1.3 Gift Horse
1.4 Creosote (Part 1)
1.5 April
1.6 Watermelon
1.7 Big Stupid Dog
1.8 Whirligig
1.9 Somewhere to Go
1.10 Dead Sleep/Pile of Stones
1.11 Sockeye
1.12 Shootin' Match
2.1 Garage Sale Pillow
2.2 Sleepy Dreamin'
2.3 Bag O' Soup
2.4 Carrion Flower
2.5 Blanket Full O' Bees
2.6 Caterwaul
2.7 Lisanne
2.8 Fish in a Barrel
2.9 Note
2.10 Black Licorice
2.11 Goldfinch

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