Dave Rynk

Dave Rynk: Thynk

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Artist: Dave Rynk

Artist: Dave Rynk
Title: Thynk

Thynk Rynk! 2008 Hollywood Music Award Winner brings heart-moving songs of worship and praise in his debut release album, Thynk. As a worship leader for his church in Manhattan Beach, CA, Dave has lead many people into the presence of God through his lyrics and music. His growing relationship with Jesus Christ is revealed in his worship through songs like 'Glory of the Father' and 'Hallelujah' where the truths of God and His Word are kept true and pure through lyrics and song. Songs like 'My Portion' and 'Undeserving' make it evident that Dave's heart is to be surrendered to God in worship and in life. His songs reveal the life experiences of a person living the life God desires in spirit and in truth. Still, though he is surrendered to God, Dave manages to create melodies of celebration, hope, and joy in his songs, like 'Everything.' The 'Thynk' album makes you think about who you are and Who He Is! Dave is very active in serving people in college and young adult life as well as high school students. He is also active in serving the people of Skid Row in Los Angeles and longs for people to come to know Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior and for people to have true life today. Dave's CD release concert raised about $3,500 for ministry in Skid Row. Join Dave in his song and his life and mission. Listen to his tunes and be blessed!

1.1 Hallelujah
1.2 Everything
1.3 Glory of the Father
1.4 My Portion
1.5 Undeserving

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