Chrissy Almeida

Chrissy Almeida: We Feel Your Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Chrissy Almeida

Title: We Feel Your Love
Label: CD Baby

This album celebrates the precious gift of God's love for us, and the love that we share with God and all of His creation! We Feel Your Love features original compositions by Dave and Chrissy, as well as their own contemporary arrangements of traditional and modern hymns. FROM CHRISSY: The record features three original songs by Dave and me. The title track, 'We Feel Your Love,' is a song that we wrote together back in college that explores all of the wonders in our life where we see God's presence. The first track 'Grace,' wrote itself for me in January of last year - the lyrics are words that I've often found myself praying. The beautiful lyrics to 'O Great Spirit' are adapted from a well known Sioux prayer that was translated by Chief Yellow Lark. We originally composed the setting to this prayer a few years ago as an SATB choral piece. Finally, our arrangement of 'For The Beauty Of The Earth' is based on the hymn, but features our own contemporary style refrain. The other ten songs on the record are a collection of traditional and modern hymns, all of which have been treated with our own arrangements in an array of stylings. I'm so excited that Dave wrote two new piano solos for this record! The two solos are named 'Love Is Patient' and 'Love Is Kind' and take their inspiration from the well known verse from 1 Corinthians. I provide the vocals on the rest of the songs, and on most of them I've had the pleasure of adding layers of background harmonies; a task that I really enjoy. On several of the songs, I lay down a foundation of bass guitar, the acoustic double bass, or both! I even pull out the mandolin for 'Love One Another' and 'Come Journey.' The majority of the arrangements are delivered by Dave Shrewsbury at the piano. From the jazz inspired chords on 'The King of Love My Shepherd Is' and 'The Gift of Love' to the delicate simplicity of 'Be Thou My Vision,' Dave performs with elegance and inspired intention. Dave is truly an intuitive musician. When we sat down to work out arrangements and configure new solo sections, (for example Dave's extended intro in 'The Gift Of Love') he would place his fingers on the piano keyboard and the music just poured out. The piano tracks on many of these songs are actually his first takes!! We are delighted to feature classical guitarist STEVEN RUTLEDGE on three songs. Steve's performance brings a sweetness and gentleness to 'There's A Song.' His own arrangements on 'Joyful, Joyful' and 'Jesus, Joy of Our Desiring' evoke the heartfelt, traditional nature of the classical guitar. Drummer and producer MATT PENDERGAST performed on three songs. His finesse at the drumset transforms 'We Feel Your Love' from a piano ballad into a lively pop experience and brightens up 'Come Journey,' a happy strummy song. His performance on our r&b ballad arrangement of 'The Gift of Love' ties the song into a sophistcated, lovely package. Between performances in Nashville and New York, and working on his own solo record, CHRIS EVES recorded electric guitar tracks for 'We Feel Your Love.' Chris' guitar lines come from his soul and brilliantly light up every song he touches. An extra special song on the record for me is David Haas' 'Come Journey.' My father, RICK ALMEIDA is also a singer and musician and this is a song that we turned into a duet a few years ago for use in worship services and ceremonies. When I was planning this record, including this song was an obvious choice. I wouldn't even be a musician today if not for all of the time and patience that my father spent teaching and jamming out songs with me. I'm immensely grateful to collaborate with him on this record. Nothing says more to me about God's awesomeness than the blessings He has given to us in the gifts of our amazing family and friends. I hope this record warms your heart and ignites your soul! Hugs, Chrissy.

1.1 Grace
1.2 We Feel Your Love
1.3 Love Is Patient
1.4 As the Deer
1.5 Be Thou My Vision
1.6 Joyful, Joyful
1.7 Come and Journey with Me
1.8 Jesus, Joy of Our Desiring
1.9 The King of Love My Shepherd Is
1.10 There's a Song
1.11 Love One Another
1.12 Love Is Kind
1.13 O Great Spirit
1.14 The Gift of Love
1.15 For the Beauty of the Earth

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