Dave Soldier

Dave Soldier: In Four Color - Music for String Quartet

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Artist: Dave Soldier

Artist: Dave Soldier
Title: In Four Color - Music for String Quartet

On the first CD, the PUBLIQuartet perform each of Soldier's three full string quartets, each in five movements, written between 1988 and 2011. The second quartet, Bambaataa Variations (1992), was inspired by the early hip-hop of the time, and uses themes that Afrika Bambaataa used that he in turn took from other sources, such as riffs from Kraftwerk, as well as a theme from Muddy Waters. The final set of variations is on a theme by Soldier that ends with a joke on how to end an extended piece. East St. Louis 1968 (1999) for quartet and recording is a portrait of Soldier's experiences growing up in that area. The Essential Quartet (Quartet #3, 2011) is constructed from the second movement of Arnold Schoenberg's second quartet. The second and third CDs represent a wide variety of compositions and arrangements by Soldier for his quartet in the 80's and 90's, for which he played second violin. The Soldier String Quartet, sometimes labeled in the press as "The Ramones of Classical Music, " was the original cross-platform string quartet. Soldier's compositions incorporated R&B, punk rock, deep blues, hip-hop and noise into polyphonic chamber music, and that direction reached it's extreme with this repertoire. Quartet members included Regina Carter, Todd Reynolds and others who have since continued on some of these paths.

1.1 String Quartet #1: I. Open Hydrant
1.2 String Quartet #1: II. Walking on the Third Rail
1.3 String Quartet #1: III. Ron Visits the Polymer Lounge
1.4 String Quartet #1: IV. for His Bad Self
1.5 String Quartet #1: V. She Put My Head Under Water
1.6 String Quartet #2: I. His Legs Wobble
1.7 String Quartet #2: II. X-Lined Planet
1.8 String Quartet #2: III. Nine Hundred Grandmothers
1.9 String Quartet #2: IV. Mudhead from Planet Xyy
1.10 String Quartet #2: V. Afrika Variations
1.11 East St. Louis, 1968
1.12 String Quartet #3
2.1 Sequence Girls
2.2 Paris 1919
2.3 Three Delta Blues: Moon Goin' Down
2.4 Three Delta Blues: 20-20 Blues
2.5 Three Delta Blues: Preachin' Blues
2.6 Five Little Monsters
2.7 Lonesome Train
2.8 Sojourner Truth
2.9 Prelude
2.10 Ezequiel Saw the Wheel in the Middle of the Air
2.11 If I Had It to Give (I'd Give It to Him)
3.1 Bo Diddley
3.2 Here Comes the King
3.3 Ugly
3.4 In Time
3.5 Boogie on Party People
3.6 Water Babies
3.7 N'orleans
3.8 Michael Callen
3.9 Uncloudy Day
3.10 Moanin' at Midnight
3.11 Moon and Stars
3.12 Cypress Grove

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