Dave Stahl: From a to Z

Dave Stahl: From a to Z
Title: From a to Z
Label: CD Baby

This CD of 12 cuts covers the gamut of big band styles, from fast jazz pieces and ballads, to funk, latin, contemporary and pop music styles. It's a hard driving band made up of 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, 4 saxes and a full rhythm section of bass, drums, piano, percussion amd guitar. The leader also plays trumpet and flugelhorn. This is not a nostalgia big band in the style of Lawrence Welk or Glenn Miller; this is a band that plays with today's style and sound.

1.1 Allegheny Traveler
1.2 Doctor My Eyes
1.3 Everything Happens for a Reason
1.4 Horizon
1.5 Joy Spring
1.6 Just Wanna Have Some Fun
1.7 Poinciana
1.8 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
1.9 Stahl's Call
1.10 Too Late Now
1.11 To Wane
1.12 Zebrano

Dave Stahl: From a to Z

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