Daveed: Blessings of the Sun

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Artist: Daveed

Artist: Daveed
Title: Blessings of the Sun

In this Collection of Songs, using the magnetic tones of the Electric Guitar and the healing overtones of the Spanish Guitar Daveed delivers powerful compositions that Serenade your Soul. The intention behind each melody is paramount since it contains the energy field that surrounds the listener. * "The science emphasizes the role of environment in controlling life-the sound environments Daveed creates bring health and harmony to us all. Thank you for bringing such vibrations into our reality." - Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. - Author of 'Biology of Belief ' "Daveed's music definitively conveys his message of love, tranquility and peace of mind. The medium is powerful, and reveals an amazing songwriter and musician." - J. Michael Dolan - Publisher, Executive Editor Music Connection Magazine "Incredible guitar riffs, beautiful melodies, and bril- liant guitar tones-world class." - Shockwave Magazine - "Smooth as silk guitars with healing meditative vibes...blissed-out aura." - T. C. Guitar Magazine -.

1.1 Serenade
1.2 We Are Light
1.3 Blue Skies
1.4 Beautiful Life
1.5 Galactic Waltz
1.6 Sweet Whispers
1.7 With You
1.8 Electric Romance
1.9 Event Horizon
1.10 Colors
1.11 Behind the Veil

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