Davey Porter & the Young Republicans

Davey Porter & the Young Republicans: Mistakes Were Made

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Title: Mistakes Were Made
Label: CD Baby

Davey Porter was raised in the backwoods of North Carolina by a family of deer. When he came of age at 14, he grew his first beard and ate his parents. During his troubled adolescence he dabbled in drugs and alternative religions, but eventually he kicked caffeine and found his true calling in voodoo economics. Porter headed his first transnational corporation when he was 22, with Milton Friedman hailing him as 'someone I've never met,' and the SEC calling him 'a person of interest.' When not spreading the gospel of wealth or testing pharmaceuticals on shelter animals in his Manhattan home, he manages a rock'n'roll band that he hopes will infect wayward youth with a conservative ethos. He's recruited the nation's top embezzler of charitable foundations, Texas Pete, whose devotion to the cause also fulfills his community service requirements. Alyse was convinced to join the group on bass after a stage hypnotist slipped her a roofie, but no one expects charges to be filed until she recovers her long-term memory. Dudley stepped into the limelight after three years in the merchant marines and two acquittals on domestic assault charges, and is now the proud public face of the moral majority. With a KBR sponsorhip and Porter's recent purchase of the internet, the band is poised to make history in their own image.

1.1 If You're Not Right, You're Wrong
1.2 Barack Osama
1.3 Get Back in the Kitchen
1.4 Napalm Sticks to Kids
1.5 That's When the Ninjas Attacked
1.6 Walmart
1.7 I Am the Infidel
1.8 Who Would Jesus Bomb
1.9 We Do What We Want
1.10 Nailin Sarah Palin
1.11 I Wanna Be a Pundit
1.12 Republicans
1.13 Time to Conform
1.14 B.F.F
1.15 [Untitled]

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