David Belmont

David Belmont: Windwater Excursions

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Artist: David Belmont

Artist: David Belmont
Title: Windwater Excursions

A New Age record with depth! It communicates on 3 levels: subconsciously (put it on as background to your activity or meditation and let it relax you), creatively (dig on the compositions and improvisations and let it energize you) and emotionally (listen to the full, lush sounds of the guitars, percussion, cellos, bass, keyboards and let it touch your soul.)

1.1 Haleakala
1.2 Moonlight Mile/Beyond the Frozen Sky
1.3 Waterfalls
1.4 Rise Raga
1.5 In Still Water
1.6 Sudha's Journey
1.7 Exploring the Mines
1.8 Song for Matthew
1.9 Ceravalo

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