David Berg Anthony & Christy Jean Justice

David Berg Anthony & Christy Jean Justice: Fly

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Title: Fly
Label: CD Baby

5/10 "FLY" David Anthony Berg -Christy Jean Justice My daughter, Christy Jean Justice, started singing with me when she was seven years old and we went camping. We would have a pretty large group of campers that came and listened to us sing around the campfire. Christy was famous for her version of "Coat of Many Colors" We had a great time singing at the campground and other parties. When Christy was a teenager, for a few years, she did not want to sing in front of crowds. After she turned twenty she came back to sing with her daddy on special occasions and family reunions. Christy and Daddy live 100 miles apart so we do not see each other weekly but we do get together often. We try to sing when we can and time allows. Christy and her husband Kurt own a successful fishing and sporting goods shop in Minocqua Wisconsin called Kurt's Island Sports. This business venture keeps them busy, even on weekends, and does not allow a lot of time or energy for singing "get-togethers". I wrote, or re-wrote, some of these songs so they would be appropriate for a girl singer. I may be prejudiced but I think she does a good job. One of the great pleasures of my life is singing with my daughter. Christy is so busy in her normal life that it took extra months to get together enough for her to learn and practice these new songs before getting to a recording studio. I hope you can feel the special emotion in the three songs that are very personally about the love of a father and a daughter: "Hidden In My Heart", "Time To Go To Bed Christy Jean" and the title song "Fly". This CD would be a good gift to a father or daughter that know the special relationship and love between a father and a daughter.

1.1 Dressed in Blue Jeans
1.2 Old Times
1.3 Tiny Little Tear - Christy Jean Justice
1.4 Here' to
1.5 Watch Your Bobber
1.6 Noy All Angels Fly - Christy Jean Justice
1.7 My Mother's Father
1.8 Happy Anniversary to You and Me - David Anthony Berg ; Christy Jean Justice
1.9 Addicted
1.10 Looking Through Teardrops - Christy Jean Justice
1.11 Wisconsin Winter at Night
1.12 Hidden in My Heart
1.13 Happily Ever After - Christy Jean Justice
1.14 Time to Go to Bed Christy Jean
1.15 Fly - David Anthony Berg ; Christy Jean Justice

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